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Anissa Jones: A Vision for a Better Georgia

As we embark on our journey to create a brighter future for our community, it is crucial to address the pressing issues that affect the lives of every Georgian. My campaign is built on the foundation of listening, understanding, and taking action to improve the well-being of our residents.

I am committed to tackling a wide range of challenges, from enhancing public safety to ensuring economic prosperity, from protecting our environment to promoting health and education. My approach is holistic, recognizing that these issues are interconnected and require thoughtful, comprehensive solutions.

Join us as we explore and address the critical issues facing our state. Together, we can build a Georgia that is safe, prosperous, and inclusive for all.

Public Safety

Public safety is a major problem in our community, and it will be one of my highest priorities when elected. Everyone deserves to live in a safe and secure environment, free from the threat of crime and violence. As we strive for a better future for everybody, we must address the issues that endanger our people's well-being.

My approach to public safety takes a comprehensive strategy, understanding that true security requires not just effective law enforcement but also preventative measures that address the underlying causes of crime. I commit to:

  • Strengthening Community Policing: It is critical to foster confidence and collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve. I support efforts that foster openness, responsibility, and mutual respect, ensuring that police personnel are more than just enforcers, but also partners in public safety.
  • Investing in Mental Health and Social Services: Many public safety issues are the result of underlying social and mental health challenges. I will work for better funding and access to mental health care, addiction treatment, and social support systems in order to prevent crises from worsening.
  • Supporting Youth Programs: Getting our youth involved in positive activities and giving them opportunity for growth and development is critical to keeping them away from criminal paths. I will strive to enhance after-school programs, mentorship efforts, and job training to empower our youth.
  • Addressing Gun Violence: The scourge of gun violence in our country must be addressed by commonsense gun control legislation. I believe that background checks, waiting periods, and assault weapon limitations are necessary to keep our communities safe.
  • Enhancing Emergency Preparedness: My campaign is dedicated to ensuring that our emergency services are properly prepared and trained to respond to crises ranging from natural disasters to public health catastrophes.

Public safety is not a party issue; it is a human one. Together, we can make Georgia a safer, more secure place for everyone.

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Economic Development

Economic development is a cornerstone of my campaign and a critical driver of prosperity for our community. In today's rapidly evolving world, it is essential to create an environment where businesses can thrive, and individuals can achieve financial security and upward mobility.

My approach to economic development is multifaceted, focusing on:

  1. Supporting Small Businesses: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We are committed to providing them with the resources and support they need to grow, including access to capital, streamlined regulations, and opportunities for networking and mentorship.

  2. Attracting High-Quality Jobs: We must work to attract and retain companies that offer high-quality jobs with fair wages and benefits. By fostering a business-friendly environment and investing in infrastructure, we can make our community a desirable place for diverse industries.

  3. Workforce Development: Equipping our workforce with the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow is vital. I support investment in vocational training, apprenticeships, and education programs that align with industry needs, ensuring that our residents are prepared for success.

  4. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship is key to economic growth. I will support initiatives that provide resources and support for startups, foster collaboration between businesses and research institutions, and create incubators for new ideas.

  5. Investing in Infrastructure: Reliable and modern infrastructure is essential for economic development. I will prioritize investments in transportation, broadband, and utilities to ensure that our community is connected and competitive.

  6. Sustainable Development: As we grow, it is crucial to do so sustainably. I will promote policies that balance economic development with environmental stewardship, ensuring that our progress today does not come at the expense of future generations.

Economic development is about more than just numbers; it's about creating opportunities for all members of our community to thrive. Together, we can build a vibrant, inclusive economy that benefits everyone

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Infrastructure is the backbone of our community, essential for economic growth, public safety, and the overall quality of life. My campaign recognizes the critical importance of investing in and maintaining robust infrastructure systems to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for all residents.

Our focus on infrastructure encompasses several key areas:

  1. Transportation: I am committed to improving and expanding our transportation networks, including roads, bridges, public transit, and bike paths. This will not only reduce congestion and improve safety but also enhance accessibility and connectivity for all community members.

  2. Water and Sewer Systems: Ensuring access to clean water and reliable sewer systems is a public health priority. I will advocate for investments in upgrading and maintaining these essential services to protect our environment and the well-being of our residents.

  3. Energy Infrastructure: I support the development of a diverse and sustainable energy portfolio, including renewable sources and modernizing our electrical grid. This will increase energy efficiency, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and promote environmental sustainability.

  4. Broadband Access: In today's digital age, access to high-speed internet is a necessity, not a luxury. I will work to expand broadband access to underserved areas, ensuring that all residents can participate in the digital economy and have access to essential online services.

  5. Public Facilities: Investing in public facilities such as schools, parks, and community centers is crucial for fostering vibrant and healthy communities. I will prioritize funding for the construction and maintenance of these spaces to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

  6. Disaster Resilience: As climate change increases the frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is essential to build infrastructure that can withstand these challenges. I will advocate for resilient design and construction practices to protect our community and its assets.

My commitment to infrastructure is a commitment to the future of our community. By investing in these foundational systems, we can create a stronger, more connected, and more sustainable Georgia for generations to come.

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